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Presence of colours in fabric tapes

Logistics and Packaging, have become the very essence of marketing of a product.

In fact door step delivery and ease of use has become the USP of a product, rather than the actual product itself, in this era of e commerce and instant gratification.

And with increasing competition, company managements are under pressure to create a 360 degree marketing and brand exercise right from the purchase of raw material till the final sale point.

Industrial packaging, once obscure and ugly, has also transformed drastically in this revolution and FIBC bags have moved on from just being giant bags for transportation, to the marketing symbol of the company , that carries the logo slogan and colours of a brand identity, while still doing the basic duty of transporting bulk goods at the cheapest cost..

The pressure is so intense that FIBC bag manufacturers today are challenged everyday to create innovation and new design and colours in their packaging. Not just from outside but also inside the bag.

We all know that all FIBC bags have an inner stitched lining of LDPE bags as a second line of defence, which is again secured with HDPE / PP fabric tape to bolster the strength of the liner at pressure points.

Traditionally bags have been white in colour , with just the company name printed at most in one single colour on the outside. And no one really cared about the colour of the HDPE/ PP tape used inside the FIBC bag.

Today’s FIBC bag however is a epitome of branding itself and you have bags in varied colours and designs. And this has led for demand of various colours as a dark blue HDPE / PP tape cannot work in the inside of a White FIBC bag anymore. Nor will a black fabric tape work be stitched on the inside of a Blue FIBC bag. To solve this problem, Presen Bontek offers HDPE fabric tapes in a variety of 5 colours currently White , Black , Blue , Red and Grey. Additional colours can also be offered provided a Minimum order quantity is available.

Not to mention tape mfg by Presen Bontek tapes have

- Strength - > 12.5 N

- Peel Strength > 5 N per cm

- Fabric Load bearing capacity > 525 N

- Elongation > 20%.

These factors help our clients confidently use our tape while making FIBC bags for any kind of loads. We use

- near virgin grade HDPE fabric to ensure high fabric strength of tape

- in House adhesive formulation , to ensure best adhesion and peel properties

- Prime grade release paper, so that FIBC Bag manufacturers get the best release while using our tapes at their end, which speeds up their processing, while saving on product loss.

A proven track record in terms of quality and time supply of HDPE / PP fabric tapes , supported by wide range of colour choices makes Presen Bontek and obvious choice for FIBC bag manufacturers.

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