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Whats goes inside making of an FIBC bag

Updated: May 4

Making an FIBC bag is a neat and well defined process.

Extrusion, Weaving, Moisture proofing, Cutting, Printing, Webbing, Sewing, Inspection, Load test, Packing and Dispatch.

The FIBC bag is born to handle the rigors of International Shipping Transportation, Loading and Unloading of Cargo at Ports and truck terminals, face stormy winds ands rough seas and yet, keeps the material or agricultural produce,loaded inside it , safe, sound and moisture free.

Most FIBC bags used for transporting International cargo, have an additional layer of insulation of PP/LDPE Bags, sewn into the inside of the FIBC bag, that provides additional Layer of Protection so that Moisture cannot seep in, even if the outside surface of the FIBC bag gets scrapped, torn, or damaged, during transportation.

In most cases, FIBC bags are hooked up on assembly lines and huge hose pipes, pressure fill the commodity or produce, into the bag. All of this loading is done at high speeds to ensure speedy turnaround times. However while an FIBC bag is developed to withstand pressure, the inner insulation bag of PP/LDPE, sewn on in the inside, may not be able to handle the load of Pressure with which the produce in loaded in the FIBC bag. Any puncture or tear caused to the insulation layer of PP/LDPE bag, , at time of filling the FIBC bag, itself will make the insulation redundant.

This is were our Fabric tapes ( made in HDPE fabric as well as PP ( Poly Propylene) fabric ) assist FIBC Bag mfg, ensure that they get one more level of added protection .

How that works -----

1) FIBC bag manufacturers have identified, points of pressure, i.e. points which will be hit with the maximum pressure, at time of loading of the FIBC bag.

2) By applying, Single Side HDPE / PP Fabric Adhesive Tape, mfg by Presen Bontek, ( Brand name PRESBON), on those identified, points / lines of pressure, FIBC Bag manufacturers can now give and enhanced level of protection to their FIBC bags insulation, at minimal cost.

3) Since the fabric adhesive tape are applied to the inner insulation, it is not visible and the outer appearance or design of the FIBC bag remains intact

4) Our HDPE / PP Fabric Tapes are available in White/ Black/ Blue/ Red and Yellow Colours. ( Red and Yellow subect to Minimum Order Quantity)

5) At PresenBontek, we ensure that the HDPE / PP Fabric used in making adhesive tapes, is a high grade fabric, with majorly viriginfibre and denier strength of 700-900. Overall our tapes have 500 + KGF and can be further changed as per clients / process requirement

6) We understand that on the shop floor / production floor, Time is Money, as every second that we help save in production, adds up to a few hundred or even thousand man hours at the end of the year. By using PRIME GRADE RELEASE PAPER, we ensure that adhesive tapes mfg at PRESEN BONTEK, allow for easy removal of release paper, when applying the adhesive tape. We provide the certification, for the Release values of the paper in our adhesive tapes, if required. We can also look to customize the release values as per clients requirements

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Dew Mishra
Dew Mishra
Jul 27, 2022

Informative post.

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