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Replacement of One time use Plastic Packaging in Surface protection

Ban on one time use plastic, is an ongoing worldwide phenomenon for a long time. But only recently have Governments become really serious on implementing the stringent regulations. Even in India, Central and State Governments have cracked down heavily upon the use of one time plastic.

Plastic in itself is a real boon of a product, but over the years in search of cost effective and water proof packaging , which is also light in weight, Factories and industries the world over have taken to plastic packaging like bees to honey. The fact that one time plastic

- costs a fraction of the product cost

- is extremely light in weight

- 100% water proof

- Can be done in exciting colours

has made plastic, the packaging of choice for products, both industrial and consumer, the world over. And its benefits were reaped even in the Surface protection industry as BOPP films , Adhesive poly films etc helped protect the surface of products from

- Scratches ,sustained during transportation, loading and unloading,

- Made the product, water resistant and kept product humidity free.

- Give one added level of branding as Surface protection films can be printed with logo.

Unfortunately the packaging used for surface protection is only of one time use, as the same is opened and simply disposed off. And while mfrs have been looking to seek the cheapest packaging, end users simply disposing off the protection films has caused massive environmental damages, as neither were the surface protection films

- of renewable nature or use.

- Nor were there any collection drive possible to capture their disposal at a ETP plant, as major surface protection films are discarded at end user level, without any further thought.

The ban on one time use plastic films, used for packaging or surface protection was definitely due for a Long time and surely the world will be much better and greener place without it.

But while everybody agrees that one time Plastic should be replaced, it is the lack of alternatives that is giving the industry and plant managers, the nightmares. Because packaging costs are at the bottom of the pyramid in terms of cost structure for any product today. And when it comes to surface protection, cheapest is best, while serving all others parameters.

So how will the surface protection industry provide a product which caters to above guidelines at best possible cost.

We at Presen Bontek, have created a solution for the same. With our super thin adhesive coated paper films, which have excellent release properties, we ensure that

- The surface of your product stays scratch resistant, water resistant, dust free etc

- At the time of use, the Paper film is easy to remove and gets released from the surface of the product, without leaving any residue of adhesive.

- 100% environment friendly as the Substrate film is 100% paper instead of BOPP film or plastic.

Additionally these surface protection paper films are 100% made in India, by Presen Bontek, in terms of paper mfg sourcing, adhesive formulations, manufacturing of the adhesive surface protection film etc.

Thus Presen Bontek is leading the way, in providing 100% Made in India solutions, for the replacement of BOPP / plastic films in one time packaging and surface protection industry.

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