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PET based bi-axially oriented glass fiber backed tapes are excellent at bundling and in packaging industry. The reinforced backing provides high strength as well as abrasion resistance. These tapes are an established option for holding of heavy-duty equipment and appliances during transit.

Cross Filament Tapes

Presbon, is a name that stands for reliable products and excellent quality. We are the leaders in the world of industrial tapes and adhesives. We also supply Cross Filament tape of the highest grade, ideal for heavy to considerably heavy packaging. These tapes are the number one choice for many packaging companies. Our industrial tapes are manufactured in Gujarat, India, and then delivered to our clients across the Sub-continent.
Let us now look at what Cross Filament tapes are and how they are used in the industries Presbon serves. Presbon is one of the quality cross filament tape manufacturing company in Gujarat and in India.

Cross Filament tape

A Cross Filament tape is a type of adhesive tape used where the strength of packaging required is greater than the strength of standard packaging tapes. It does not mean the tape can't be used in any other situation. A Cross Filament tape has a film backing reinforced with woven glass fibers, making it quite durable. It can be used for heavy packing and conveniently take over any metal and polypropylene strapping. It is laced with a synthetic rubber adhesive, which gives phenomenal strength and high holding power to the tape. Highly resistant to abrasion, moisture and scuffs, and scratches. It is majorly used for packaging heavy parcels, steel packaging, white goods packaging, pallet unitizing, bundling items, etc. Best for packing solution in the most economical way. Presbon supplies Cross Filament tape that is manufactured in Gujarat across India.


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