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DOUble sided tapes

At Presen Bontek, we specialize in a range of double faced/ sided adhesive tapes. Depending on application requirement, tapes are coated with Rubber based, Hotmelt based and Acrylic based adhesives. These tapes are used mainly for mounting and splicing purposes.

Double Sided Tapes

Under expertise quality check we make sure that our Premium Double Sided Adhesive Tapes turn out to be the best ones in the industry whether it is in Gujrat or all over the India.

As a renowned brand, we specialize in a range of double-faced/ sided adhesive tapes since we are easily the best supplier of double-sided tape in Vapi, Gujarat, and India. Depending on the application requirement, tapes are coated with Rubber-based, Hotmelt-based, and Acrylic-based adhesives. Also, please note that these tapes are used mainly for joint purpose, mounting and splicing purposes.

Some of the applications of Double side HDPE tape are - joint purposes during the making of Tarpaulin fabric, HDPE fabric, Geo Membrane fabric, Pond Line fabric, surface protection fabric.

Here is the list of a wide range of adhesive double tapes that are available with Presbon, the -

Double side PVC Tapes: Double-sided PVC tapes are composed of Polyvinyl chloride backing material and vinyl-coated adhesive on both sides.

Double-Sided Tissue Tape: Double-Sided Tissue Tapes are lightweight tissues coated with a rubber-based adhesive. Similar to double-sided paper products, double-sided tissue provides conformability and more stability than adhesive transfer tapes. Double-sided tissue tapes are widely used in the paper industry for Splicing and Joint purpose.  Due to very low thickness, they also find application in making it difficult to bond substrates self-adhesive.

Double-Sided Polyester Tape: Double-sided has a strong high tack solvent acrylic adhesive. This adhesive gives it excellent holding power and adhesion to the required surface and for a wide range of applications. Polyester adhesive tapes are suited to various applications which require minimal thickness, high tensile strength, and resistance to aging and temperature. Single-sided polyester film adhesive tape is thus particularly used for high-temperature masking, jointing, protection, and in the field of electronics.

If you are looking for a Premium Double Sided Adhesive Tape then your search certainly ends at Presbon itself.


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