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Sea Worthy Packaging of Steel Coils

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Steel coils, in the form of rolls, are an important product of India’s exports. Besides the product quality, the packaging of these coils also plays a very important function largely as follows

1) Safety of the Steel coils, while being transported and also loading and unloading at ports and out of Trucks Trailor’setc

2) Keeping the Steel coils rust / corrosion free, by ensuring they seal packed and moisture free while the coils face salty weather at sea.

3) Surface Protection from scratches and cuts – while material handling at various stages of transportation from factory premises to client’s end.

4) Ease of Handling – One of the most important functions of packaging and which greatly enhances the smoothness of operations.

5) Appearance and Branding – One of the least rated attributes in industrial packaging, neatness of appearance has gained traction in the last few years as globalization has increased competition in each and every segment. Packaging also ensures that each and every consignment carries your brand name and helps gather eyeball attention, en route to client destination.

With so many functions to play Packaging today is not just an art but also science, wherein both have to come together to deliver solution, which drive a company’s commerce and revenues.

So how does one wrap Steel coils so that all the above points are covered.

1) Steel coils, once manufactured and ready, at brought down to the shop floor, wherein they are covered overall with VCI Paper (Volatile Chemical Inhibitors Papers) coated with HDPE fabric. T VCI Paper releases chemicals that are anti corrosion and used for packaging ferrous and non ferrous metals. This is the first level surface protection.

2) The VCI Sheet is they strapped securely with Cross Filament tape. Cross filament tapes arePET based bi-axially oriented glass fiber backed tapes are excellent at bundling and in packaging industry. The reinforced backing provides high strength as well as abrasion resistance. These tapes are an established option for holding of heavy-duty equipment and appliances during transit.

3) Covering the coil with GP Sheet ( Galvanised Plain Steel Sheet, coated with Zinc ) for second level surface protection.

4) Application of Angle Boards for Edge protection.

5) Securing the Sides of the coil with Aluminium Side Disc.

6) Application of HDPE fabric tape, to the Inner and Outer diameter of the coil to secure the aluminium Side disc onto the coil main frame.

7) Doubling the protection on the edges

, by applying GP Sheet Outer Ring

8) Strapping the entire Steel Coil with Coil ropes. This completes the 3rd level of protection insulation on the Steel Coil.

We at PRESEN BONTEK, play a small role, in the above process by supplying the Cross filament and HDPE fabric tapes that are required in the above mentioned Three layer protection for Steel coils.

Our adhesive tapes are made from

- High denier HDPE Fabric, to lend proper load bearing capacity to the tapes, so that packaging material is secured properly.

- In House developed Adhesive formulations, to ensure proper coating of adhesive so that tape stays secured properly while also ensuring clean removal of tape at time of opening of packaging.

- Certified Release Paper, with specific release values, to ensure 100% ease of operations.

- Branding that can accommodate the name of and logo of company, on the Adhesive tape as well as inner core of the adhesive rolls.

If anyone needs to a Turnkey solution for Steel packaging as mentioned above, or if you want to purchase any materials as above, you can always feel free to contact us.

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